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The game of SaaS is afoot! Are you ready to start winning?

Excellent! Sherlock gives your entire organization access to the vital product engagement data needed to grow revenue. And we’re not talking about that static, last active stuff. This is real engagement scoring. For your real SaaS business. (You are a real SaaS business, aren’t you?)

Score customers using product engagement metrics

Sherlock simplifies your complex product data into 3 easy to understand metrics, then uses them to score each of your customers

  • Activation Conditions prospects match to become an active customer
  • Engagement Number of times & frequency customers use key features
  • Adoption Percentage of key features used by customers

Understand users and accounts at a glance

Easily tell whether a customer is activated, engaged, or have adopted your features

Get a bird’s eye view on your users and accounts

Create segments of your best and worst customers and rank them by activation, engagement, adoption, active users, and more. Get clarity on who needs help, and who is ready to expand.

Push scores to the tools you’re already using

Leverage Sherlock scores in your existing tools to power your team’s sales and support efforts. Convert activated prospects, expand engaged customers, or educate slow adopters — using the workflow your team is already familiar with.

Report on engagement at the product level

Measure key leading indicators to ensure your product is delivering value to customers before they slip away

Simple setup – just tell us what’s important

Create engagement scores by simply rating each of your important product actions. Sherlock does the rest. - A repository of the best pricing pages
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