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You always pay for email

"Free" email like Gmail isn't free --- you pay by giving up your privacy and valuable personal data. That's expensive. Since we're not in the privacy invasion business, we charge a flat, all‑inclusive $99/year for HEY. That's reasonable.

Start your free 14 day trial

No credit card required for trial

 What you get:

a address

Every account includes a email address of your choosing.

Built-in workflows

Each and every email-redefining feature in HEY is yours to use.

Apps for every platform

Use HEY on the Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Spy pixel blocking

HEY's spy pixel blocker stops people from snooping on your activity.

100GB storage space

Plenty of room for all your emails and attachments.

Privacy, guaranteed

We won't use your personal data to sell ads or any other purpose.

 What you don't get:

No ads in HEY

HEY never sells or serves up 3rd party ads. We're not in the ads business.

No tracking in HEY

No one can tell if you read their emails, and you can't tell if they read yours.

No data selling by HEY

HEY never mines, scrapes, or sells any of your personal information. Period.

No lock-in with HEY

You can export your contacts and mail as often as you'd like.

No big tech running HEY

HEY is run by Basecamp, a 21-year old, profitable, fully independent company.

No peeking by HEY

HEY's database is encrypted, which means we can't see your emails.

 Do you bill in local currencies?

Currently we only offer billing in US Dollars. We know $99 is a lot in certain markets, especially in the developing world. And we know there's lots of interest in HEY in those markets. We'll consider alternate pricing down the road, but for now we have a single USD $99/year price.

 Will I be charged when my 14-day free trial is up?

No. We don't ask for a credit card to try HEY, so we can't charge you until you decide you want to become a customer. 100% your call, no surprises.

 Can I pay monthly? And what payment methods?

We only offer annual billing at this time. We will bill you $99 once-per-year (which breaks down to $8.25/month for 12 months of service). We require a credit card for payment (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) --- no invoices, no checks, no ACH/wire, no PayPal, and no cryptocurrency.

 Do you offer family plan pricing?

Not currently, but it's something we'll be considering. We have families too, so it's definitely on our mind. But for now, we only offer a single $99/year price.

 Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. If you're still on the trial when you cancel, you can export your email and contacts so you can take them with you. If you're a paying customer at the time of cancellation, you can export your email, contacts, and set up forwarding to another email address so you never lose any email sent to your cancelled address. - A repository of the best pricing pages
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